In my last newsletter I mentioned I was in a documentary called Scene Smoking. As a result of that I was asked to be this years American Lung Association's spokesperson for Easter Seals. It was an honor to be a part of the campaign and speak throughout the California area.

The theatrical work has been on a steady stream as well. Once we premiered Black Woman's Blues at the North Carolina Theatre Festival last year, Myself, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Wendy Raquel Robinson & Aloma Wright opened the show in Los Angeles at the Regency West Theatre for what was supposed to be a two month run. Well, the audience response was so amazing we ended up running for almost a year! Who says people don't support theatre! Once that show closed, I was proud to perform in Donald Welch's Let The Church Roll On!, starring myself, Marla Gibbs & Ernest Hardin for an exclusive limited run at the Wilshire Ebell theatre in LA. It is a wonderful musical that addresses the realities positive & not so positive that exist in our churches today. Right now I'm starring in Carla Drew's Fat Girls! at the Stage 52 theatre in Los Angeles. It's a musical about the entertainment industry and it's shallow images on beauty: "Skinny is all that matters!" Well, we blow that theory out of the water in this show! The audience leaves the theatre feeling lifted, positive and clapping their hands! Believe it or not, that show was only supposed to run for two months as well, but because of the audience support, we've been extended indefinitely! So, if you're in LA please stop on by.

While all of this is going on, I've still been busy on the voice over scene. I'm still recurring on King Of the Hill, Futurama & Heavy Gear. I've become the "voice" for Wells Fargo Banks, Allstate Insurance and Swatch just to name a few. When God Blesses. . .He blesses BIG!

This season I'm also guest starring on the TV series Andy Richter Rules the Universe as his new love interest! It's a hilarious episode so please keep an eye out for it. You may have also seen the new PBS series The Endgame: Ethics in America starring myself and Roma Maffia. It's a thought provoking and conversation inspiring drama about real life situations we find ourselves in, and the choices we make in the name of "doing the right thing". This show asks the question "right for who?"

As far as fun goes, I've been a big tennis fan for years, and I've been following the Grand slams, as well as some of the less publicized tournaments around the world. Haven't they been thrilling to watch?! . I've even started taking lessons. . . Serena's getting' nervous y'all! SMILE Golf has been great too. I've been playing in Tournaments everywhere, including one recently with Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, Trent Tucker and then some!

Again, I can't thank you all enough for your continued support and interest in my career. You've truly allowed me to spread my wings in so many facets of this industry, and you've embraced me at each turn! It means a great deal to me. By the grace of God, this is still only the beginning. He's got many more blessings in store for me, and I pray that you will be right there with me to share in it all! Keep sending those e-mails and I'll keep writing you back. And to all of you who have purchased my CD "Worth Waiting For" from my site, thank you, thank you, thank you! If you haven't had the opportunity to do so as yet, please check it, you'll be in for a treat, because in addition to the photos & posters there are now T-Shirts available also!

Peace and Blessings,

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