The A New Day Foundation presents
the Focused N Financially & Technology Informed (F.I.T.)
For A Different World


Program Description:

May 26, 2018 @ USC Campus
The Focused N F.I.T. For A Different World program is designed at the intersection of Life & Art.  
Life: Being Financially prepared for daily realities, responsibilities and economic growth is vital.  Technology is a constantly evolving and crucial component to the success of any business or international communication.

Art: Every idea, business, or goal begins with a need to create and implement that vision.  The programs purpose is to “shock the mindset”, motivate and empower today’s youth by highlighting Dawnn Lewis’ extraordinary personal and professional journey, while Financial & Technology partners equip college and college-bound high school students with tangible tools to be "F.I.T." - Financially and Technologically Informed.  This powerful combination - ultimately propelling them toward a successful and productive future.


Foundation Mission:

To provide financial and programmatic support toward the empowerment and education of underserved youth; provide capacity building pro bono services to assist small/grassroots non-profits;  and to provide general community support and services in underserved communities.


Foundation Motto:

The A New Day Foundation, Offers Hope & Empowerment



My personal statement:

A New Day Foundation The interactive website for the non-profit foundation, is still being created & is not up yet. Many people have expressed their support of the program and asked how they can donate to the foundations mission and the upcoming event; so I launched a facebook page to give updates and receive contributions, as people are moved to give. I'm grateful for any support you can give to help get the word out and encourage people to donate as they are able. We all know, there is never a gift too small - every $ helps and is greatly appreciated. 

All contributions go toward providing scholarships, feeding & transporting the students and parents, notebooks, supplies, informational materials and much more!

The charitable contributions are tax deductible and easily done by utilizing the PayPal Donate button on the foundation page. 

Thanks Again for your belief in me. Providing opportunities & support for our underserved youth, and community based non-profit organizations, has always been a part of my purpose and hearts calling. Finally launching the A New Day Foundation allows me to take my mission to another level! I'm gonna need everyone's help and prayers to do it!! 

Peace & Blessings


For more information and to donate, please visit A New Day Foundation on Facebook